Easy Preschool Treats; Soy Mini-Muffins

wilton mini muffin pan

Summer time and the livin’ easy. Oh wait, it’s March…and I’ve got two kids under five in my house. Life is not so easy. But the weather is darn nice. I’m on the preschool treat circuit; I’ve finally worked it out in my seventh month.  And a pro-tip I must share: mini-muffins!

Della Fattoria Bread; Best Sonoma County Cookbook 2014

Della Fattoria Bread Cookbook 2014

We all search for things in life.  Love, the perfect pair of pants, the most super fabulous vacation. My quest: bread cookbooks. Not just any bread cookbooks.  I want one that makes me a bread baking champion.  A recipe where I can cavort around the kitchen saying  “Yeah, I made this…no big…” Major magic happening in…

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