I’m Danielle, a thirty-something culinary fanatic who has finally reached her geographic destiny: Sonoma County. {Ahhh…}

That’s where I do a majority of my living, working, and playing. My stories and recipes include a pinch of humor, a dash of local flavor, a tad of knowledge, and a smidgen of vintage flare.

My love of food began at an early age thanks to my french mother, who always stressed the importance of a quality home-made meal and the spirit of adventure when being in the kitchen.

To date, I am hard pressed to find a cookbook I don’t like.  My voracious reading habits and quest for knowledge has led me on the path for all things gastronomic, and for this fulfilling lifestyle there is no place better than Sonoma County.

So join me as I explore Sonoma County with bold knife and fork… I promise, it won’t be dull.