An affair I support: wine and food.

Wine Road 2013 Food and Wine Affair

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about that time.

Halloween is right around the corner. Is your costume ready?  Nothing worse then waiting until the last-minute to piece together something you can claim festive.

After enjoying the Halloween sugar binge, how about a weekend filled with Sonoma County food and wine.  You in?

Wine Road’s Wine and Food Affair helps me shake off that candy haze and gets me ‘out and about’ to enjoy California Wine Country in the fall.  A beautiful time.

Wineries throughout Northern Sonoma County open up their doors for two days of wine and food pairing.  And I haven’t missed one yet.

Some may think, couldn’t I visit these wineries anytime throughout the year, so why this day?

It’s easy.  The local food and wine combination is joyful.

I meet new chefs sharing their recipe du jour.  I explore new vintages and always find a hidden gem. {happiness}

I mingle with people, of similar zeal, whom traveled far and wide, to enjoy what I get to enjoy 365 days a year; reminding me never to take for granted this special place in which I dwell.

Major thanks to Beth Costa and the entire Wine Road Team who always put their hearts into making this event most excellent.


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