Five Sonoma County Products I Love (Ok, Six)

It’s delicious living in Sonoma County. Local amenities are endless; world-class wines and beers, fresh organic produce, artisanal dairy and cheeses, small farms providing grass-fed and humanely raised meats; sprinkle in fabulous weather and you should be saying: no fair!

No one is prying me out of here. So forget-a-bout-it.

I indulge early and often. I go through my ‘can’t get enough phase’ without ever getting burned out.

Hmm. I might need to see someone about that… (nail bite)

A quick highlight of the ‘chosen five’ always available in my kitchen. I’ve been known to share, just depends on how much I like ya.

1. Favorite Local Beer: Pliny the Elder, Russian River Brewing Company. An IPA hoppy beauty.

2. Favorite New Local Winemaker: William Allen, Two Shepherds Vineyards, Grenache Blanc. My summer go-to for lunch, dinner or just because. Not to mention, William is an outstanding individual.

3. Favorite Local Non-Alcoholic Drink: Sebastopol’s Gabriel Farms Asian Pear and Apple Juice. No juice like it. Refreshing and just sweet enough. Love.

4. Favorite Local Snack: Twofish Baking Company, The SeaRanch Harvest Granola. The tastiest granola I’ve ever had the pleasure of noshing on. Wowzers.

5. Favorite Local Olive Oil: DaVero Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. I could drink it, it’s that good. Drizzle this on anything. Y-U-M.

I hope you won’t mind me sneaking in one more. It’s dessert, so I’m sure you’ll forgive me. This really deserves Top 5 rankings.

6. Favorite Local Ice Cream Three Twins Organic Ice Cream: Dad’s Cardamom. Cardamom as an ice cream flavor is pure genius. Enough said.

Three Twins Ice Cream

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