Cook Local: Sonoma County

Cook Local Sonoma The concept of ‘cooking local’ is fun and rewarding to me.

1.) It’s different for each person on what they decide to cook.

2.) Ingredients vary from place to place, so what’s on your plate is truly a local experience.

3.) And if you throw in something from your own garden, it reaches a new level of excitability in my eyes.

My dinner theme: simplicity.

My main course: whole roasted chicken, Tara Firma Farms

My side dishes: blue lake green beans, Darling Farms & roasted potatoes from my garden.

I took my beautiful 3 pound chicken and dressed it up with a compound rub I quickly put together with butter from McClelland’s Dairy and a combination of fresh herbs that included parsley, savory and lemon thyme from my garden. Topped it off with a few pinches of  Herbs Provence and popped it into the oven at 375 for an hour-and-half.

It was delicious and simply beautiful, just like the family dinners I remember so fondly.

Check out the local eats in your area, get creative and get cooking!  And feel good about supporting your local farmers.

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  1. says

    Thank you for including us in your blog and I hope that your items passed your test and hope to see you at the farm soon. Next time you’re in let us take you for a tour.

  2. hollysonoma says

    We love to create local, fresh meals. With raw milk in our glasses, veggies from Singing Frog’s CSA box, and a cut of beef sourced from a local rancher (from the “side” we store in a deep freezer) and berries from our garden, we consider ourselves in food heaven!

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