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wilton mini muffin pan

Easy Preschool Treats; Soy Mini-Muffins

Summer time and the livin’ easy. Oh wait, it’s March…and I’ve got two kids under five in my house. Life is not so easy. But the weather is darn nice. I’m on the preschool treat circuit; I’ve finally worked it out in my seventh month.  And a pro-tip I must share: mini-muffins!


Veloute of Asparagus Soup; Springtime Lux

veloute of asparagus

Nothing like a much-needed technology detox, a local luxury getaway away, and the first seasonal stars of Spring to put the “kitchen pep back into my blogging step”.

It starts with a beautiful view from my hotel suite. Honestly, how could I not be inspired?  Cavallo Point, you’re one special place to visit….

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Summer Farm Stand Berries; Scones and FroYo

The summer’s here….and I’m hooked on fresh berries! Farm stand berries are a favorite treat of mine. I love stopping roadside when I realize I’ve got spare cash and the farm stand is open. Pancakes. Muffins. Quick Breads. Frozen Yogurt. Oh yea, you read right: frozen strawberry yogurt. So refreshing on a warm summer day….

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Sourdough Jack Blueberry Muffins

Sourdough Jack’s Blueberry Muffins

I’ve got an old beat-up copy of Sourdough Jack’s cookery, other things and more; Jack teaches sourdough techniques from the West and the Alaskan Frontier.  Mr. Mabee also operated a sourdough factory in San Francisco. From [this] Bay Area brat’s perspective, any sourdough recipe that hails from San Francisco is worth trying!  Call me bias, but…

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