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Shop Party, Santa Rosa’s Indie Craft Fair

I’m a gift giver.  It’s in my DNA. I love the element of surprise from an unexpected present.  A sense of happiness waves over me when I’ve chosen the perfect gift.  Presents need to be on point.  I set high expectations for myself. From the minute I could make my own,  I was showering family and friends with gifts.  Some might call…

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Veloute of Asparagus Soup; Springtime Lux

veloute of asparagus

Nothing like a much-needed technology detox, a local luxury getaway away, and the first seasonal stars of Spring to put the “kitchen pep back into my blogging step”.

It starts with a beautiful view from my hotel suite. Honestly, how could I not be inspired?  Cavallo Point, you’re one special place to visit….

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Summer Farm Stand Berries; Scones and FroYo

The summer’s here….and I’m hooked on fresh berries! Farm stand berries are a favorite treat of mine. I love stopping roadside when I realize I’ve got spare cash and the farm stand is open. Pancakes. Muffins. Quick Breads. Frozen Yogurt. Oh yea, you read right: frozen strawberry yogurt. So refreshing on a warm summer day….

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Sourdough Jack Blueberry Muffins

Sourdough Jack’s Blueberry Muffins

I’ve got an old beat-up copy of Sourdough Jack’s cookery, other things and more; Jack teaches sourdough techniques from the West and the Alaskan Frontier.  Mr. Mabee also operated a sourdough factory in San Francisco. From [this] Bay Area brat’s perspective, any sourdough recipe that hails from San Francisco is worth trying!  Call me bias, but…

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